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About Attraction Manifestors

This site exists for one reason and one reason only: to reconnect every human being to their own source of infinite power and possibility in a way that nobody can ever take away from them, and by this create a more just, happier, and more abundant world.


I believe that if every person on Earth were to consciously practice the Law of Attraction, we would end war, poverty, discrimination, and world hunger within a generation, because no one would want to hoard physical resources if they realized what's actually available to every person.

Of course, you don't have to do all that--you can just use the law for yourself to manifest a parking space, a cup of coffee, a husband, or a billion dollars.  

Usually, though, once people do see the possibility and manifest having their own needs met, they do quite naturally want to start giving back. 

A Note

I credit everything I've discovered on this path only to the grace of God, and thank God for all of it.  But the study and practice of the Law of Attraction, of gratitude and manifestation, and of living a healthier, happier, more loving, and more profitable life is not just for religious people--it's for everyone on the planet. 

Here's what you have to understand as the basics of the study of the Law of Attraction: In the Divine perspective, the world is already perfect, and so are you.  In the Divine perspective, there is no evil.  There is no sickness.  There is no poverty.  No injustice.  No tears.  There is no prejudice.  No abuse of power.  There is no sorrow.  There is no depression, no anxiety, no dysphoria.  We are all in our best form, spiritually and physically, and everything is truth.  Love.  Beauty.  Abundance.  Justice.  Kindness.  Courage.  Power.  

As human beings, we have access to all these things.

By the way, get rid of the old idea that God wants to destroy some of us simply because of the way we are made.  That makes no sense at all!!!  Any God who would do that is no God at all!!

People have twisted and misinterpreted the ancient sacred writings to create hierarchies of power and control.  But there is no hierarchy.  There is only you and God--and you do not even have to call it God to benefit from this study.

Regardless of your path, you have a way to access the Divine within you.  The way I express this is to say that Jesus is the way.  Another close friend of mine expressed it like this: "The kingdom of God is within me."  It might take time to grasp this reality, but when you do, it changes everything, and your understanding will only deepen with time and further study.

There's something bigger and greater than what we've learned to see as life.  There's a possibility for real peace, real unity, and real answers.  That possibility is right here, along with every other possibility and every other answer you could possibly want.  When you truly grasp this, you will shout it from the housetops like I'm doing now, because that's how much it will transform your life and you will want to give it to everyone.

Until then,


P. S.  If you are feeling the need to go deeper and get real answers from a source more powerful than any human being, click here.

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