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Using The Law Of Attraction For Revolution

The most powerful people in the world are already using the Law of Attraction to create the vision of society they want - and have been doing so for centuries.

Think about who controls the messages that reach your eyes and ears through advertising, the media, the news, and other sources every single day.

I'm not writing this to say we should all get together and use the Law of Attraction to overthrow the government of whatever country you live in.  What I am saying is to be conscious of what is allowed to reach your own subconscious mind--because the messages that get in there are the ones that will shape your reality and your life.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

Look around you.  Read the headlines.  Listen to what people are saying.  Then listen to the still, small voice deep within you, and ask, is this the society you want to be a part of?  

Are these the kind of events you want to hear about taking place in your world?

And if not, what would it be like?

Dystopian stories are infinitely more popular and more prevalent than utopian ones--of course they are, because perfect worlds have no drama or excitement--so this might be difficult to envision.  But most people would want to see basic principles such as freedom, equality, and justice in the society they live in.

Start from there.

What exactly would it look like to live in the world you want?

Then, allow your mind to be programmed, through your own affirmations and conscious choices of input, with your vision for society instead of the one that was put on you by someone else.

This is only the beginning of the revolution that is possible from enough people consciously using the Law of Attraction to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Or you could manifest a world where you are the richest person on the planet and use your wealth to launch a dick-shaped rocket into space.

The choice is yours.  What will you do with it?

To gain full access to all the power available to you in spiritual reality, this is the first step.