Emotions and the Law of Attraction

Just had a revelation last night.

If you follow positive emotions, you are giving birth to God-conceived creations.

And if you follow negative emotions, you are giving birth to Satan-conceived creations.

It really is that simple.  But I'll add explanations and exercises because there's a difference between reading words on a page and KNOWING them in your body.

Try this:

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.  Then imagine a time when you were at your happiest.  The day you got that dream job, your wedding day, Christmas as a kid... Whatever it was.  Bring up the image of exactly what it looked like.  See the sights, hear the sounds, smell the fragrances... Use all 5 senses to bring a clear vision of the scene into your mind.

Then note how your body feels.  Does it feel different than it did before you visualized?

Now, close your eyes again and take 5 deep breaths... And this time, imagine a time when you were at a low point.  A miserable defeat, a heart-wrenching failure, a horrible thing someone said or did.  It doesn't need to be the worst thing you've ever experienced, but something that felt bad.  Remember how that felt.  Then, note how your body feels under the weight of that.

Feels different, right?  I'm guessing there's one that you liked better than the other, no?

So go back to the positive memory until you feel that in your body again.

There's a place of absolute safety, comfort, and peace available to each one of us.

I like to call this "under the shadow of God's wing."  Other people call it something different.  "The peace of Christ that passes all human understanding."  Or just simply "peace of mind."  Or "stillness."

Sit in a comfortable position, and take several deep breaths, while focusing your attention on the point 2 inches below your belly button and 2 inches inside.  Stay there and keep breathing with your attention focused on that same point.  Do it long enough, and eventually you will reach a state of mind that feels different from your normal, and feels like peace.

Nothing harmful can reach your mind in that state, by the way.  When you are in the Divine Presence, you are protected.  Trust that the universe will direct you in the way that gives you everything you need.

I hope you got something useful out of this post.  If you did, share it with someone else!  May you be blessed in everything that you do, and may you come to the knowledge of the truth that sets you free.



Manifest Anything

I've got a question.

If you could manifest ANYTHING on the planet, what would it be?

A friend asked this in a Facebook group recently and the answers ranged from inspiring to heartbreaking.

Some wanted true love, others to be independently wealthy, and a few expressed the desire to turn back time and have their loved ones not receive that devastating diagnosis.

Some just wanted good friends and good times.

I'm willing to bet, since you're here, that you have something on your mind too - and that the thing feels impossible.

That's certainly how I came upon the Law of Attraction - my life wasn't working, and I lived in a constant state of frustration and dissatisfaction while watching other people effortlessly receive the things I couldn't have no matter how hard I tried.

I thought it was because of my background, my physical appearance, and my childhood trauma.  But that day I looked down at a story I'd written in high school and realized I created it all - was the turning point in my life.

What would it be worth to you to learn the exact spiritual principles to make this work for you?

Well, it will cost you exactly zero dollars.

Just enter your email here and you'll be the first to know about Attraction Manifestors' flagship course, the 8-hour Manifest Anything workshop - which will be on this website - as soon as it launches.

I'm expecting to have the course up by August 31, 2021 - will keep this space updated.


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