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The Fastest Manifestation Technique - Solve Money Problems In A Day

man's hand holding many $20 and $50 bills

If you have an urgent financial need, and you have the faith to try something new, then give something away TODAY.  I don’t care what it is.  If you have no money, go through your pantry and donate food to a food pantry.  If you have nothing at all, do a favor for someone who needs it.  Whatever you do, do it in faith, speaking over it and declaring that you receive provision from the universe to supply your own needs.  Then watch what happens, because I guarantee that something WILL happen.  It’s a spiritual law.

Why This Fast Manifestation Technique Works

This is the most stripped-down version of making an offering.  Because the Law of Attraction is a law of sowing and reaping, whatever you give will be returned to you multiplied. 

When you give someone else material help during a time when you yourself are in need, you are making an extremely powerful statement to the universe.

You are making a statement that more will be supplied to fill the vacuum that you have created by your giving.

And the Law of Attraction will always multiply back to you exactly what you give it.

What If It Doesn't Work?

If you have given in faith and have not received a return on your giving, then check yourself.

Ask the universe, the Divine, or your internal guidance why you have not received, because the Law of Attraction ALWAYS produces.

When you ask these questions, you WILL receive an answer that will take you to your next step.

An example.  Yesterday I sowed a seed, and later I went out to get pizza.  When I got to the restaurant, my card declined.  I checked my bank account and it was inexplicably negative by about $30, without any transaction to explain the discrepancy.  There had been money in the account literally seconds before.  I had to ask the universe what happened, and it took a while to get the answer, but the answer was this:

In my life, I had spent years looking for safety in all the wrong places.  And I had put my desire for pizza ahead of my desire to do the will of the universe that sent me here.

The universe wanted my attention, and got it.  I repented of my mistake and went to bed resolving to put the Divine first again in all my dealings.  When I woke up this morning, the money was back in my account as though nothing had happened.  I went back to the restaurant and got the pizza, and after I sat down, a lady came out of nowhere and gave me a bottle of Coke she had bought for me when she'd been behind me in line.

Then I came home and saw in my email that payment had been settled for two real estate transactions I'd been waiting on.

When you are aligned with the desire of the universe, then all the resources of the universe are aligned with you.

But when you are not aligned with the desire of the universe, then all the resources of the universe will work against you.

Some Pointers On How To Sow A Seed

There are hundreds, probably thousands of ways to sow a seed, make an offering, and kickstart the Law of Attraction to work in your favor.

Back in the old days, they used to sacrifice animals.  But you can sow a seed or make an offering without shedding any blood.

You can give money.  You can give your time, like volunteering.  You can give a listening ear to a person who needs it.  You can give your best at work.  You can make a practice of looking your best before you start your day.  You can start every day with prayer and meditation.  You can light candles, burn incense, make offerings of food and drink to the Divine, give to the poor, or simply make a practice of keeping your mind attuned to positive and healing thoughts.

You can offer a sacrifice of praise - giving thanks and praise to the Divine when you’d really rather complain.

Whatever you give, it is always your choice where you want to give it.  You can give it to your church or spiritual commuity.  You can give it to a nonprofit organization that works for a cause you believe in.  You can give it directly to a person who asks you, or is in need.  The best way to decide where and how to give your offering is to meditate, pray, and follow your heart - what feels like a YES to you in your soul?

You can also follow the guidelines of an established religious or spiritual tradition.  They are there for a reason.

A caveat: Do not let people guilt or manipulate you into giving an offering of any kind.  When you sow a seed, it must be given from your own free will and your own decision.  Otherwise, you are putting out guilt, pressure, manipulation, and fear, and more guilt, pressure, manipulation, and fear will be returned to you.  If someone asks or pressures you for something and you don’t feel a YES, it’s OK to say no.

However, if you do feel a YES but also feel some fear alongside the YES, then go ahead and step forward in faith and make that offering.  Some of my most powerful answered prayers have come from situations where I gave an offering that I knew I couldn’t afford, but also felt deeply in my soul that I had to do it.

The Tithe

One kind of offering is the tithe.  This is a spiritual commitment where you make a commitment to give a certain percentage of your income (traditionally 10%; tithe means tenth). 

I’m not going to say this is a requirement, but I am going to say that I have been tithing since my early adulthood, and during this time I have never been fired from a job, and never been laid off without a new assignment waiting for me the very next week.  I rode out the 2008 recession making more money than I had in any previous year, and even when I have failed in business, I have always been provided for.

So I am 100% convinced that tithing works.  The concept behind it is that you give God the first 10%, and then God blesses the 90% so that you can do more with it than you would have been able to do with the entire 100%.

Again, though, this must be done from your own free will.  There is no benefit in giving or tithing when it's due to emotional or spiritual manipulation.

To be able to truly see and access all the resources stored up for you in the kingdom of heaven, this is the first step.