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The Law Of Attraction And God

picture of the Big Bang creation of the universe

Now this is personal opinion, but I am a full supporter of anyone who chooses to walk the path of the Law of Attraction as a means of getting closer to God.

I think it is the purest and cleanest path there is, because it has no organized religion attached to it.  Organized religions, while there is value in them, have also played a huge part in the world in creating images of God as a hateful destroyer who is out to kill innocent people.

Whereas the Law of Attraction puts God on your side.

Which is how it was always meant to be from the beginning.

I think that's why so many people come against people practicing the Law of Attraction.

When Jesus was on the planet, did miracles, and quoted a scripture that said "You are gods," the religious leaders of the day called him a blasphemer and tried to kill him.

Now in the 21st century, there are also a lot of places where it's not socially acceptable to express a belief that there is a higher power who actually answers prayers (which is pretty much what the Law of Attraction boils down to).

But if you want to know what God thinks about the Law of Attraction - whether it's true or not, and whether you should practice it or not - you don't have to guess, because you can simply ask.

If you haven't asked something of the Divine and had it answered, try this.

Getting Prayers Answered

Get a notebook or a Google doc.  (You don't need to write your prayers down to get them answered - this is just so that WHEN they are answered, you will remember what you asked!)  

Write down your request, addressing it to the Creator of the universe in whatever terms resonate with you.  You might want to just keep writing until you receive an answer, or you might want to just make an entry every day.  Either way, if you don't quit, you will receive an answer back at some point, and likely soon.  You might see an image with closed eyes, hear a voice spoken into your mind, or have a dream at night.  Or you might hear it in the lyrics of the next song you hear, or see it written on the side of a truck, or hear it from a friend or family member coming to talk to you.  

I believe this capability is available to every human being regardless of your background, lineage, religious faith, or anything you have ever done in the past.

And this is a first step to begin a lifelong love relationship with the Divine.