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Law of Attraction and Prayer for Physical Healing

This video is my best and most thorough explanation of how to pray for healing and actually receive it.  I have used this technique to heal from a lot of things, though I am too lazy to use it for everything.  Maybe someday!

TRY IT.  It will cost you only 37 minutes of your time, and might save your life or that of someone you love.

*If you are having a medical emergency, call an ambulance first.  Then watch this video from your hospital bed.

*This is not a substitute for receiving appropriate medical care.  You might get immediately and supernaturally healed from prayer, but you also might get told by the Universe to go to the doctor or to stop drinking 5 cups of coffee every night before bed.  Whatever you receive, follow it - as long as it stacks up with universal spiritual wisdom.

To put yourself in right standing to receive access to healing through spiritual reality, start here.